Week 2 ethics | Law homework help

Library Evaluation Challenge

You is likely to be new member of inside affairs and are nonetheless attending to know all folks. You’ve got been requested by your lieutenant to jot down a report using his notes on a case. Although there is a substantial quantity of paperwork marked “Confidential,” he instructed you to solely write the report primarily based totally on what was inside the blue folder. As you is likely to be writing the report, you opened the alternative folders inside the packet and noticed that some data was neglected—data which may implicate one different officer inside the topic. The officer inside the topic is your lieutenant’s brother, who’s a big inside the metropolis’s police division. You start to imagine that there is also a cover-up occurring.

Using the library, Net, or totally different media sources, uncover quite a few articles pertaining to police corruption and misconduct to jot down a paper of two–4 pages that discusses the following:

  • Do you need to do exactly what was requested of you, or should you technique the lieutenant’s supervisor?
  • What are the implications of writing the report as requested?
  • What are the implications of approaching your lieutenant’s supervisor?
  • What are theimplications of the actions or nonactions on this situation which will impression your job standing, totally different occasions involved, and the group?
  • Incorporate theoretical concepts to affiliate this case with morality, ethics, and explicit behaviors that have an effect on the implications (good or unhealthy) associated to moral and immoral behaviors.