Trial of King Charles

Josh Robinson Mr.. Comer 15 November 2012 Trial of King Charles I Summary of Charges King Charles I of England is being charged as a tyrant, traitor, and murderer; and a public and implacable enemy of the Commonwealth of England. He is convicted of using his vitality to pursue his personal curiosity reasonably than the nice of England, and raging warfare in direction of the parliament and the oldsters of England. For the Safety My shopper pleads accountable, nevertheless for a lesser value than lack of life. He was solely attempting to do what was correct for England. The parents of England had been going via a troublesome time and the nation wished money.

When my shopper and the Parliament could not agree on phrases of taxation and plans to carry money, his solely various was to dissolve Parliament. As king, he was ling vitality and the one strategy to accumulate that vitality once more was to wage warfare on Parliament.

We every agree that this warfare was fallacious and foolish and loads of good lives had been misplaced. We plead that his punishment must be eradicating as king of England and Exile from this good nation. Witnesses 1. Oliver Cromwell – Was for the Parliament, Frequent of Horse inside the navy. I am going to use him to level out that he consider to overthrow King Charles I sooner than the civil warfare had started. 2.

Jacob Fortress – Fought for the Royalist, Baron and Foremost Frequent inside the royalist navy. Baron Fortress will help present King Charles I was a humble king. three. Ralph Hops – Commander of the royalist navy and Baron of Stratton. I’m using Baron Hops to offer information of what King Charles I had consider to do if he had gained the warfare. 4. George Goring- Frequent of Horse for the Royalist navy and Baron. George will give his opinion of the way in which it was to battle for King Charles I and the Royalist navy 5. Charles Lucas – Royalist, Lieutenant Frequent of Horse. I am going to use Charles Lucas to tell everyone how life as a prisoner was beneath the Parliamentary navy.

To the Jury: A roundhead is a supporter for the Parliament and a Cavalier is a supporter for the king. Summary of Proof [pick] If the parliament had agreed on taxation with King Charles I This warfare would have in no way have occurred and lives would Not have been misplaced. Oliver Cromwell was in direction of King Charles marriage When King Charles married Henrietta Mar to create An alliance with France. Oliver Cromwell would not Know recommendations on learn how to protect England. T you accuse King Charles to murder to England’s Private people, then it is best to accuse the Parliament As properly, since both aspect had been English.

Anticipatory Arguments Argument: King Charles supported Catholics Reply: King Charles supported Louis XIII so England and France might flip into allies. Argument: King Charles started this warfare by attempting to carry taxes on the oldsters of England. Reply: King Charles wished money from the wars he had fought to protect his nation. The Parliament had been unreasonable and he no completely different strategy to raise money. As a result of the Parliament had not helped they’d been ineffective to him so he dismissed them. Separation of Church and State Almost everybody in England was Protestant, along with the members of Parliament.

King Charles I made the Parliament indignant by supporting Louis XIII catholic) who was at civil warfare in direction of Protestants. King Charles moreover married Henrietta Mar who was catholic. The non secular factors should not be included on this case on account of it is irrelevant. King Charles I is Protestant and so is everyone in Parliament. Precedent: I want to see this circumstances finish consequence type historic previous by warning all kings, and even dictators that within the occasion that they don’t take heed to the oldsters of their nation, they wont rule very prolonged. Questions for Consideration: 1 . This event is described as a result of the English Civil Battle on account of the English had been stopping the English. 2.

I might have been a roundhead on account of having an absolute monarch won’t be the becoming various for a kind of presidency. three. I imagine the have an effect on the English Civil Battle can have is that completely different worldwide places will over throw their kings/queens. 4. Oliver Cromwell turned the Lord Protector of England, which is analogous to the president, and the parliament is very similar to the Dwelling of Representatives. 5. I chosen to be an authorized skilled for the safety on account of although King Charles I made some fallacious selections and introduced concerning the civil warfare, I do not assume he must have been beheaded in entrance of tons of of people. My various did not change all by way of my evaluation.