Test the hypothesis that single-gender math classes are beneficial to adolescent females

1) Design an experiment to examine the hypothesis that single-gender math programs are useful to adolescent females. Operationally define every the neutral and dependent variables. Your experiment must have two groups and discuss how the participant will in all probability be chosen and assigned into each group. In addition to, defend your different of each a posttest-only design or a pretest-posttest design.

2) Design a repeated measures experiment that investigates the impression of report presentation style on the grade obtained for the report. Use two ranges of the neutral variable; a �expert style� presentation (high-quality paper, fixed use of margins and fonts, rigorously constructed tables and charts) and a �nonprofessional style� (average-quality paper, frequent changes inside the margins and fonts, tables and charts lacking right labels). If very important, create a desk illustrating the experimental design.

Hint: In your design, try and deal with the subsequent questions
What is the neutral variable and the grade obtained for the report the dependent variable.
How members could be assigned to groups so that you make the most of counterbalancing…..

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