SUSTAINABILITY AND FINANCEAnswer the beneath questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Do not copy or rephrasepassages from the textual content material or internet sites. Do evaluation to get data you need (e.g. Google,Google Scholar, PSU library on-line). Cite your sources each throughout the textual content material or in a list ofreferences on the end of your job.It’s essential to write at least three pages (font: 12;spacing: 2).1) Define “sustainable finance” and gives an occasion of how a company could also be moresustainable in funding or financing picks. Why is it important forcompanies to undertake sustainable practices on the entire? Make clear. (three components)2) What are environmental, social or governance (ESG) risks? Give an occasion foreach. Take certainly one of many companies you analyzed in HW 1. Which environmental,social or governance (ESG) risks would possibly this agency be going by means of in the meanwhile orin the long term? Make clear. (5 components)three) Considering your entire knowledge of funding and financing, how must thecorporate finance division of the company talked about in 2) take care of these ESGrisks? Give at least one occasion. (2 components)