School trouble with drugs quick 5 paragraph assignment

A 13-year-old boy dwelling in metropolis poverty collectively along with his mother and 6 youthful siblings is at current getting in trouble in class. He has on no account been in trouble sooner than. Nevertheless the lecturers say he is turning into belligerent in the direction of authority figures, sloppy in his schoolwork and ignoring buddies he has had since kindergarten. He’s additionally beginning to come again to highschool with eyes glassy, bloodshot, half shut, a smile on his face, and quite a lot of snacks. He was as soon as athletic nonetheless now he sits spherical and would not appear motivated to complete common duties he beloved last 12 months. His mother has found small portions of marijuana inside the pockets of his jeans.

Undertaking Ideas

In 5–7 paragraphs, take care of the subsequent:

  • What do you assume is maybe motivating this 13 12 months earlier boy to utilize marijuana? Current two utterly completely different doable causes.
    • Would the reasons have an effect on the form of drug he may be using? Make clear.
  • How do you are feeling about illegal leisure drug use? Make clear.
  • How do you are feeling about licensed leisure drug use, harking back to alcohol or tobacco? Make clear.
  • Do you assume abuse of licensed medicine is as dangerous as abuse of illegal medicine? Why or why not?
  • Are there any authentic causes for leisure drug use? Why or why not?