Sale Pitch

Introduction to Public Speaking


Week 5 Undertaking

Product sales Pitch

This week we’re engaged on demonstrating how our nonverbal communication can enhance provide. To your speech this week it is important to find a product you have the benefit of after which put it up for sale! 


Once you’ve decided what you might want to promote you could decide who you’re selling to. Submit a quick paragraph inside the suggestions area about who your viewers is. Be specific!


Evaluation your product and uncover what your viewers desires.


Use enthusiasm and nonverbal communication (akin to gestures) to spice up your product sales pitch. 


Just some parameters:


1.    Evaluation your product (any product you have the benefit of or would wish to purchase). What can this product do that others can’t? Why would you need it?

2.    Determine an viewers and tailor the speech to them. Why would they need this product? How may this product treatment a couple of of their points? 

Three.    Create and doc a Three-4 minute product sales pitch.

4.    Submit a paragraph about what product you picked and who your goal market is. Submit this paragraph inside the suggestions area when attaching your speech video.