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     Many points have an effect on the occasion of an behavior.  A person’s genetics, environmental influences, life experiences, interpersonal relationships, and custom can intently have an effect on us.  Dependancy isn’t like many medical diseases the place we’ll degree to a certain germ or defect that triggered the sickness. “Some Therapeutic theories appear to provide some notion into diverse behaviors normally well-known in people who’ve SUD’s.” (Doweiko, 2015) Nonetheless, no one appears to be in entire settlement with the theoretical fashions explaining SUD’s.  “The American Society of Dependancy Medicine has beneficial a bio/psycho/social model of addition to supply the plenty of disciplines assist for his or her efforts to know and take care of the SUD”S.” (Doweiko, 2015)
     The Spiritual Model can be related to the Biopsychosocial Model when referring to a non secular dysfunction manifesting itself as a bodily sickness.  Doweiko’s occasion of “a person having misplaced a deeply cherished companion might ‘pine away ‘for his or her deceased confederate and slowly fade from life.”  (Doweiko, 2015) Admittedly all of us experience ache and a manner of discontent or being incomplete in life.  The stress of daily residing conspires to shatter the particular person’s spirit in a thousand different methods.  To survive, some pull contained in the ‘self,’ others search the mindless illusion of safety equipped by false gods akin to possessions, or medicine of abuse.  A minority choose to embark on a lifelong journey of spiritual progress. (Doweiko, 2015)