Ratio Assignment

Info from the current year-end steadiness sheetsInfo from the current 12 months’s earnings assertion
PropertyProduct sales$780,000$885,200
Cash$21,500$31,000Value of merchandise purchased587,100646,500
Accounts receivable, web39,40050,400Curiosity expense7,60019,000
Merchandise inventory84,740140,500Earnings tax expense14,99224,438
Pay as you go payments5,1007,250Web earnings170,308195,262
Plant belongings, web340,000313,400Elementary earnings per share4.05three.97
Complete belongings$490,740$542,550Cash dividends per sharethree.80three.99
Liabilities and EquityBeginning-of-year steadiness sheet data
Current liabilities$68,340$104,300Accounts receivable, web$32,800$51,200
Prolonged-term notes payable85,800105,000Merchandise inventory59,600107,400
Widespread stock, $5 par value210,000246,000Complete belongings438,000392,500
Retained earnings126,60087,250Widespread stock, $5 par value210,000246,000
Complete liabilities and equity$490,740$542,550Retained earnings115,89288,296


1a. For every companies compute the (a) current ratio, (b) acid-test ratio, (c) accounts receivable turnover, (d) inventory turnover, (e) days’ product sales in inventory, and (f) days’ product sales uncollected. (Do not spherical intermediate calculations.)
1b. Decide the company you consider to be the upper short-term credit score rating hazard.


Full this question by stepping into your options inside the tabs below. 1A Current Ratio 1A Acid Test Ratio 1A Acct Rec Flip 1A Invent Turnover 1A Days Sal in Inv 1A Days Sal Uncol 1B temporary time interval For every companies compute the current ratio. (a) Agency Choose Numerator: Current belongings Barco Kyan Current Ratio Choose Denominator: 1 Current liabilities = Current Ratio Current ratio zero to 1 zero to 1 < 1A Current Ratio 1A Acid Test Ratio >Get Accounting homework help at current