Ratio Analysis

State of affairs: You are a mortgage officer for White Sands Monetary establishment of Taos. Paul Jason, president of P. Jason Firm, has merely left your office. He is eager on an Eight-year mortgage to extend the company’s operations. The borrowed funds can be utilized to purchase new gear. As proof of the company’s debt-worthiness, Jason provided you with information (obtainable inside the linked State of affairs Worksheet). Jason is a very insistent (some would say pushy) man. Everytime you suggested him you’ll need additional knowledge sooner than making your dedication, he acted offended and said, “What additional might you in all probability want to know?” You responded you will, at minimal, need full, audited financial statements. 
Develop a minimal 700-word examination of the financial statements and embody the following:

Make clear why you will want the financial statements to be audited.
Speak concerning the implications of the ratios provided for the lending dedication you are to make. That is, does the data paint a optimistic picture? Are these ratios associated to the selection? State why or why not.
Take into account developments inside the effectivity of P. Jason Firm. Set up each effectivity measure as favorable or unfavorable and make clear the significance of each.
Guidelines three completely different ratios you will want to calculate for P. Jason Firm, and in your particular person phrases make clear intimately why you will use each.
As a result of the mortgage officer, what else would you do to comprehend a higher understanding of Paul Jason’s, and the Firm’s financial picture and why?
Based in your analysis of P. Jason Firm, will you advocate approval for the requested mortgage? Current specific particulars to assist your dedication. 

Format the duty in accordance with APA pointers.