Question 1__________ strikes include work stoppages both lawful and unlawful suc

Question 1__________ strikes embody work stoppages every lawful and unlawful akin to sit-down strikes strikes in violation of federal authorized tips slowdowns wildcat strikes that occur whereas a contract is in strain and partial walkouts.A. UnprotectedB. Unfair labor practiceC. SympathyD. EconomicQuestion 2A __________ occurs when occasions are unable to maneuver further in direction of settlement.A. bargaining impasseB. lockoutC. mediationD. grievanceQuestion 3A(n) __________ is an alleged violation of the rights of staff on the job.A. union accusationB. complaintC. closed complaintD. grievanceQuestion 4__________ focuses on the fairness of the procedures used to make decisions.A. Proactive behaviorB. Distributive justiceC. Due processD. Procedural justice