Purpose and impact of symbol or teaching

Function and influence of image or educating

Devotion (bhakti) to God animates many picks from Hindu scriptures in our anthology (Fisher and Bailey, pp. 62-90). But the fashion of devotion and the character of the devotee’s relationship to God might differ an incredible deal, relying on the manifestation of the divine being (god, goddess, spirit or drive) that’s being invoked. Your job on this essay is to decide on one such expression of devotion and to convey its essence or taste to the reader.

Half I Select a passage from the anthology that displays a sense of reward, worship, or devotion to God. Quote a number of traces from the textual content after which determine the kind of scripture (e.g. hymn, sruti, smrti, sutra, saint music) and its origins, use in ritual, social settings, age. (Seek the advice of LR in addition to AR right here.) What type of God is praised within the poem or music? What literary figures or fashion is used right here to specific devotion? Remember to quote writer, title, web page for all quotes, even from the course texts.

Half II Primarily based on this passage, what are you able to be taught in regards to the relationship between the devotee and God? Does God reward the devotee for his/her devotion, or is the act of devotion its personal reward? What qualities does this facet of God manifest, and what qualities does the devotee summon to reward and serve this facet of God? Would it not be acceptable to talk of “salvation” or “liberation”?

Half III How does the spiritual outlook contained on this textual content evaluate to your individual? (Refer again to your first essay.) Your reply to this query will fall someplace alongside the continuum from “In no way” to “Considerably,” to “Surprisingly properly.” If some features of this outlook could also be appropriate together with your worldview, and a few might not be, clarify how. Do the teachings of Hinduism exemplify your definition of faith? Clarify.

Encounter with Thriller

Religions specific the thriller of life and the truth of the sacred by “image techniques”: poetry, metaphor, paradox, objects (e.g. the cross), gestures, structure – even silence. The Hindu sound Om; the smile of the Buddha and the teachings of no-self (anatta), vacancy (shunyata); the humor of Chuang Tzu in expressing “the way in which” (tao) and “not-doing” (wu-wei); and the miracles of the Bible – all level to powers or relationships which can be invisible or transcend typical speech or logic.

Half I Select an instance of symbolic expression from one of many traditions we now have studied (not your individual). Describe the image, gesture, or object, and provides some background: its origin and place within the custom. Quote authorities, give examples, and determine your sources with correct citations.

Half II How does such a mode of expression work to supply a frame of mind and or fashion of habits for individuals who use it? What appears to be the aim and influence of this image or educating?

Half III What do you discover interesting or unappealing about this image? Have you ever ever skilled the thriller of life that it factors to? Are you drawn to such methods of expressing thriller?

Or do you maintain that such oblique modes of expression obscure the reality about life and the world?

ESSAY four: Faith: Scourge or Refuge?

In Letter to a Christian Nation, Sam Harris presents faith (not solely American Christianity) as irrational, out of date, and responsible of nice hurt on this planet. Harris questions not solely the failings of latest spiritual believers and establishments, however the very beliefs that encourage spiritual life.

Half I Determine three sturdy arguments that Harris makes towards the Abrahamic traditions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam – stating the argument in your individual phrases and citing proof that Harris provides for every of those assaults on spiritual religion or follow.

Half II Selecting examples from the Abrahamic traditions in LR and AR, reply Harris’s criticisms. Taking into account that the aim of the course is to emphasise the optimistic worth of faith, use the texts you have got chosen to point out of the advantages of non secular religion and follow.

Half III Drawing from the essays in “Subverting Hatred,” present how a particular spiritual educating or follow (maybe purged of the failings Harris targets) would possibly contribute to the easing of rigidity or the discount of violence on this planet immediately. Present how this educating or follow could be made acceptable to individuals of any background. Right here, you could discuss with any custom we now have studied within the course.