Profit after Taxes Assignment

  1. 36 Components (6 elements each). Please put the letter chosen on each line. No partial credit score rating.

___ 1. As train amount decreases:

(a) fixed worth per unit will improve

(b) variable worth per unit decreases

(c) every a and b

(d) not one of many above

____ 2. Walton Co. produces a product that sells for $75 per unit. It incurs $111,000 of full
fixed costs and $45 of variable costs per unit. The number of fashions to be produced and
purchased to amass a $31,500 income after taxes of 30% could possibly be:

(a) 5,050 fashions

(b) three,667 fashions

(c) 5,500 fashions

(d) 6,200 fashions

(e) not one of many above, the precise reply is ________.

___ three. Curry Co. has a job order worth system. The subsequent debits (credit score) appeared throughout the
work in course of account throughout the widespread ledger for the month of March 2016:

March 1 stability$12,000
March 31, direct provides          40,000
March 31, direct labor              30,000
March 31, manufacturing unit overhead utilized27,000
March 31 to accomplished objects       (100,000)