Phi 445 (personal & organizational ethics) week 2 complete

PHI 445 (Private and Organizational Ethics)


Week 2

PHI 445 WEEK 2 DQ 1

Just a few years in the past, Airborne settled a lawsuit primarily based on their declare that their product would assist stop colds. That may be thought-about a measureable assertion of reality. Based mostly on their advert, if you happen to take Airborne, you shouldn’t come down with a chilly. There is no proof that proves that. That is misleading promoting as a result of they acknowledged what could possibly be thought-about a undeniable fact, but it wasn’t reality and hadn’t been confirmed.


I don’t suppose that laws to confirm voter identification falls below the area of unintentional or intentional discrimination. I believe it’s nice that we’re verifying the id of each voting individual. We’re not denying a voter their rights primarily based on intercourse, race or faith. We’re verifying that they’ve the proper to vote. I believe it is a very sensitive topic. Nonetheless, I’m additionally inclined to consider that if an individual doesn’t pay taxes, they shouldn’t be afforded the proper to vote on how we spend the cash. There isn’t a technique to confirm this stuff with out verifying the id of voters.

Week Two Journal

Firm Profile (Not-for-Revenue)


Write a paragraph right here that describes the corporate. Determine the corporate’s: