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Examination: 006826RR – NEC, Electrical Installations, and Division Circuits 1. Which of the following phrases, frequent in plenty of kinds of developing codes and code enforcement, refers again to the native developing official accountable for the enforcement of the NEC? A. NFPA B. ANSI C. OSHA D. AHJ 2. Labeled instruments need to be put in and utilized in accordance with the A. design specs. B. Underwriters Laboratories. C. instructions equipped. D. revealed approvals. three. In response to the NEC, the time interval _______ means acknowledged as applicable for a specific aim described inside the code. A. labeled B. listed C. acknowledged D. licensed 4. What distance does the NEC define as “shut by of”? A. 25 ft B. 40 ft C. 50 ft D. 60 ft 5. The NEC requires the grounded conductor of a/an _______ AWG or smaller diameter with a solid-color insulation be acknowledged with by a gentle white or gray outer finish alongside its whole dimension. A. 6 B. three C. 4 D. eight 6. Two electricians are discussing division circuits. Electrician A says that a receptacle put in notably for a dishwasher need to be inside 6 ft of that gear. Electrician B says that an outlet that is built-into a spread excessive counts as a receptacle for that counter home. Which of the following statements is true? A. Every electricians are proper. B. Solely Electrician B is true. C. Neither electrician is true. D. Solely Electrician A is true. 7. An unintentional electrical path that is conducting current from an ungrounded conductor to a normally non-current carrying metal raceway could possibly be outlined as a flooring A. fault. B. interrupter. C. conductor. D. electrode. eight. A flooring receptacle that is higher than _______ inches from a wall shouldn’t be included inside the number of required retailers for a given wall home. A. 18 B. 20 C. 36 D. 24 9. With regard to arrange conductions and instruments, who would possibly grant exceptions to the requirements of the NEC? A. UL B. AHJ C. NFPA D. IEEE 10. A system or circuit conductor that is intentionally grounded is claimed to be A. a lightning rod. B. an accurate wiring system. C. a grounded conductor. D. efficiently grounded. 11. Two electricians are discussing outdoors receptacles. Electrician A says that one receptacle is required in the front and back of all dwelling kinds. Electrician B says the plans title for mounting the rear outdoors receptacle outlet 6 ft 6 inches from the pores and skin fringe of a deck. Which of the following statements is true? A. Solely Electrician A is true. B. Solely Electrician B is true. C. Every electricians are proper. D. Neither electrician is true. 12. The NEC requires that 15-ampere and 20-ampere receptacles that serve the countertop of a moist bar need to be GFI protected when located inside _______ ft of the wet-bar sink’s periphery. A. eight B. 6 C. 10 D. three 13. If an electrical system requires human intervention to disconnect power from a instrument that system could possibly be outlined as A. licensed. B. individually derived. C. isolated. D. nonautomatic. 14. In a grounded system, the conductor that connects the grounded conductor on the service instruments to the _______ is called the conductor. A. frequent main B. grounding electrode C. equipment-grounding D. main grounding 15. For a receptacle to serve the countertop of a kitchen island, the utmost distance it could possibly be positioned beneath the countertop is _______ inches. A. 10 B. 4 C. 12 D. eight 16. Two electricians are discussing receptacles. Electrician A says that a 15 A receptacle on a 20 A division circuit can present a cord-and-plug linked load of 15A. Electrician B says that a 40 A division circuit can solely present nonlighting tons of. Which of the following statements is true? A. Every electricians are proper. B. Solely Electrician A is true. C. Solely Electrician B is true. D. Neither electrician is true. 17. A breaker that features a delayed tripping movement the place the amount of delay decreases as a result of the magnitude of the current will improve is printed as a/an _______ circuit breaker. A. opposed time B. inverse time C. timed unit D. time delay End of examination 18. The NEC requires that a system terminal supposed for the grounded conductor be acknowledged by a metal coating significantly white in coloration or the phrase _______ located adjoining to the terminal. A. grounded B. hazard C. linked D. white 19. If a fridge is linked to a division circuit rated at 20 A and that division circuit supplies further devices, what’s essentially the most current the fridge can require on this circuit? A. 12A B. 14A C. 16A D. 10A 20. A NEC rule could possibly be thought-about to be permissive if it contained which of the following phrases? A. Shall be required B. Won’t be ample C. Couldn’t meet D. Shall not be required