Nursing Process and Health Promotion


  1. Delineate a difficulty associated to the care of a client/group/group with emphasis on the group as a client. (Cautious to not give consideration to the particular person members of the group nonetheless give consideration to the group as a system


  1. Conduct a search of the literature pertinent to the actual downside.


  1. Inter-relate findings with information gathered (from literature, interviews, and totally different sources) as a basis for nursing care in a scholarly technique


  1. Differentiate the stressors affecting the group’s natural, interpersonal/intra-personal non-human environmental subsystems.


  1. Recommend associated implications for effectively being care provide usually, and for expert nursing care notably, based on group thought and evaluation integrating group belongings.


  1. Synthesize information proper right into a coherent, logical and factually right written presentation.




The group chosen must symbolize one that you just simply can be found involved with each personally or professionally. Speak about your rationale in your group collectively together with your scientific instructor. (Use your windshield and formal assessments to help determine a gaggle downside).


The emphasis of your evaluation paper must be positioned on the group considering the SDS model and the group as a client/system


The group’s natural, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and non-human environmental subsystems needs to be thought-about, and the implications for effectively being care acknowledged utilizing relevant group thought…………………….

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