Nursing assignment: the impact of external factors

The Affect of Exterior Parts

Ponder the subsequent scenario:

Linda has been a nurse educator at LiveWell Medical Center for about three years. Since taking over the place, she has acquired many accolades for the model new evidence-based practices she has shared in nurse trainings. Linda is now making an attempt to flip her consideration to affected individual education. She hopes to impress bimonthly courses which will help current and these days discharged victims to greater deal with their effectively being and/or cope with powerful effectively being factors. At Linda’s subsequent meeting with LiveWell’s board of trustees, she confidently shares her proposal for this new program. At once, she is shocked at their dismissive responses. “That sounds good Linda, nonetheless we merely do not have time to implement one factor of that caliber proper right here. And the best way are you conscious if victims would even be desirous about such a service?”

Over the following hour, Linda contemplates these suggestions and realizes that, no matter her best intentions, there was some reality to their remarks. Linda had initially been impressed to create this program after finding out a couple of massive rehabilitation center in San Antonio, Texas. The center had revolutionized their outpatient course of, serving to to point out sturdy dedication to the group. Though it labored correctly in San Antonio, Linda had not carried out any preliminary evaluation to review if it may presumably be environment friendly of their small metropolis of Pinedale, Wyoming.

What exterior components should Linda have investigated sooner than trying to develop such a program? In addition to, how could these components proceed to have an effect on her program if the LiveWell board of trustees approves her thought?


To prepare:

·         Evaluation this week’s readings, notably Chapter 6, “Exterior Physique Parts,” inside the Keating textual content material and Chapter 5, “Forces and Factors Influencing Curriculum Progress,” inside the Billings course textual content material. Replicate on the various exterior components which will have an effect on one of the best ways curriculum is developed, assessed, and evaluated. Then, ponder whether or not or undecided components have an effect on institutions (tutorial settings) roughly than they do companies (medical settings).

·         Select one exterior subject from the subsequent itemizing to extra uncover to your Dialogue posting:

      • Group
      • Inhabitants demographics and developments
      • Political native climate and physique politic
      • Societal patterns
      • Effectively being care system and effectively being desires of the inhabitants
      • Traits of the setting
      • Need for this technique
      • Nursing profession
      • Financial assist

·         Ponder how this subject could have an effect on curriculum enchancment, analysis, and evaluation in your particular person tutorial or medical setting or in a single with which you are acquainted. In addition to, conduct evaluation to find how this subject could have an effect on nursing education as a whole.

Observe: Although accreditation is taken into consideration an important exterior subject, it is not listed as a component for this week’s Dialogue, as it’s going to possible be the primary focus for subsequent week’s Dialogue.



Inquiries to be addressed in my paper:


1.      An overview of the outside subject you selected.

2.      Make clear how this subject could have an effect on curriculum enchancment, analysis, and evaluation in an tutorial or medical setting with which you are acquainted.

three.      Share on the very least one real notion into how this subject may also have an effect on nursing education as a whole.




1)      1-2 pages (addressing the three questions above excluding the title internet web page and reference internet web page).

2)      Kindly adjust to APA format for the citation and references! References should be between the interval of 2011 and 2016. Please benefit from the references on the very least three beneath as so much as doable and the remaining from yours.

three)     Make headings for each question.





Billings, D. M., & Halstead, J. A. (2016). Instructing in nursing: A info for faculty (fifth ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

  • Chapter 5, “Forces and Factors Influencing Curriculum Progress” (pp.73–88)


Chapter 5 explores the assorted exterior, inside, and higher education factors which will have an effect on the occasion of nursing curricula. Broad points are given, along with strategies nurse educators can use to analyze current social contexts to align nursing curricula to future worldwide developments.


  • Chapter 16, “Multicultural Education in Nursing” (pp. 263–281)


Chapter 16 addresses the elevated vary of nursing faculty college students. Tutorial strategies, approaches to creating an inclusive setting for all learners, and optimistic finding out outcomes are talked about.

Keating, S. B. (Ed.). (2015). Curriculum enchancment and evaluation in nursing (third ed.). New York, NY: Springer.

  • Half III: Needs Analysis and Financial Assist for Curriculum Progress (pp. 107–110)


This introduction to Half III offers an overview on nursing curriculum enchancment. The creator offers this knowledge by way of exterior and inside physique components and relates it to the complete administration of the curriculum.


  • Chapter 6, “Exterior Physique Parts” (pp. 111–144)


In Chapter 6, Keating describes perform a desires analysis and the importance of determining exterior physique components.


  • Chapter 18 “Outcomes of Informatics and Experience on Curriculum Progress and Evaluation” (pp. 395–416)


Chapter 18 highlights how utilized sciences are being built-in into nursing education and the effectively being care space.


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At this website, you can investigate various health statistics broken down by regions of the United States. For example, if you select “Data & Statistics” under the heading “Health & Safety Topics,” this will bring you to a web page that presents a wide range of health topics. Select any of these topics to view more information about its regional and demographic impact or to access studies related to the topic.



CDC. (2012c). Morbidity and mortality weekly report. Retrieved from


At the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality website, you can select any region or state that you would like to investigate further. These links take you directly to your selected state’s Department of Health website, allowing you to explore health services of any community within that state.



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This document provides an in-depth example of how needs assessments can be conducted from start to finish. Use the Table of Contents on page 2 to explore specific needs assessment components that you or your team may need further clarification on.



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