Nurs6521 week 6 quiz latest 2018



Week 6 quiz

Question 1

A 65-year-old woman has a complicated sort of rheumatoid arthritis. Her remedy encompasses a frequent dosage of methotrexate. The nurse will advise her to take which of the subsequent vitamin dietary dietary supplements whereas taking the drug?

A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin D

Question 2

To attenuate the hazard of antagonistic outcomes of glucagon when given to an unconscious diabetic affected individual, as a result of the affected individual regains consciousness, the nurse should

A) administer calcium dietary dietary supplements.
B) place the affected individual throughout the side-lying place.
C) administer carbohydrates.
D) monitor for nausea and vomiting.

Question three

A female affected individual with a prognosis of kind 1 diabetes mellitus has been experiencing rising neuropathic ache in present months, a symptom that has not responded appreciably to plain analgesics. The affected individual’s care provider has begun remedy with gabapentin (Neurontin). How is the addition of this drug susceptible to have an effect on the administration of the affected individual’s current drug routine?

A) The affected individual may be required to briefly preserve her totally different medication until a gentle serum diploma of gabapentin is achieved.
B) It is unlikely to have an effect on the affected individual’s totally different medication on account of gabapentin does not work along with totally different treatment.
C) Gabapentin is contraindicated with utilizing exogenous insulin.
D) The affected individual’s medication-related hazard for renal failure needs to be assessed earlier to utilizing gabapentin.

Question 4

A nurse is caring for a affected one who has been recognized with hypothyroidism. Levothyroxine (Synthroid) has been prescribed. Sooner than the drug treatment is started, the nurse will assess for which of the subsequent?

A) Historic previous of taking anticoagulant treatment
B) Allergy to seafood
C) Hirsutism
D) The affected individual’s age

Question 5

A nurse is caring for a male affected one who has a spinal wire harm due to a motorbike accident. He has been taking dantrolene (Dantrium) for 2 weeks. The nurse will monitor which of the subsequent?

A) Prothrombin time and partial thromboplastin time
B) Urine specific gravity
C) Alanine aminotransferase and entire bilirubin ranges
D) Follicle-stimulating hormone ranges

Question 6

A nurse is assessing a affected one who has come to the emergency division complaining of once more spasms. The affected individual states that he has a historic previous of opioid behavior and does not have to take any drug that “locations me prone to turning into bodily dependent.” Which of the subsequent medication would the nurse question, if ordered?

A) Methocarbamol (Robaxin)
B) Orphenadrine (Norflex)
C) Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril)
D) Metaxalone (Skelaxin)

Question 7

A 40-year-old woman with a prognosis of fibromyalgia has been prescribed cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) as an adjunct to her current drug routine. What nursing prognosis should the nurse prioritize when updating the nursing care plan for this affected individual?

A) Menace for Hurt related to CNS depressant outcomes
B) Diarrhea related to anticholinergic outcomes
C) Altered Eating regimen, Decrease than Physique Requirements, related to induce for meals suppression
D) Impaired Swallowing related to elevated muscle tone

Question eight

A nurse is working with a 57-year-old man who’s a former intravenous drug abuser. He has been prescribed a weekly dosage of methotrexate for his rheumatoid arthritis. Which of the subsequent will the nurse embrace in her educating plan for this affected individual?

A) Avoid high-fat meals
B) Drink a great deal of water every day
C) Take the tablets sooner than bedtime
D) Avoid purple meat

Question 9

Following an analysis by her fundamental care provider, a 70-year-old resident of an assisted residing facility has begun taking day-after-day oral doses of levothyroxine. Which of the subsequent analysis findings should rapid the nurse to withhold a scheduled dose of levothyroxine?

A) The resident has not eaten breakfast as a consequence of a present lack of urge for meals
B) The resident’s apical coronary coronary heart charge is 112 beats/minute with an on a regular basis rhythm
C) The resident had a fall all through the night time time whereas transferring from her mattress to her toilet
D) The resident obtained her annual influenza vaccination yesterday

Question 10

A nurse is caring for a 61-year-old man who has had a excessive assault of gout whereas throughout the hospital for meals poisoning. The nurse administers colchicine intravenously with a view to

A) avoid aggravating the gastrointestinal tract.
B) assure quick distribution of the drug.
C) cease the hazard of an an infection or bleeding.
D) scale back the hazard of depressed bone marrow function.

Question 11

A affected individual receives 25 gadgets of NPH insulin at 7.AM. At what time of day should the nurse advise the affected individual to be most alert for a attainable hypoglycemic response?

A) After breakfast
B) Sooner than lunch
C) Late afternoon
D) Bedtime

Question 12

A male affected individual is to begin glyburide (Diabeta) for kind 2 diabetes. Sooner than the drug treatment begins, a priority movement by the nurse shall be to judge the affected individual’s

A) blood pressure.
B) potassium diploma.
C) use of alcohol.
D) use of salt in his weight-reduction plan.

Question 13

A male affected individual with a prognosis of relapsing-remitting quite a lot of sclerosis is throughout the clinic to debate with the nurse the potential of self-administration of glatiramer. Via the affected individual coaching session for self-administration, the nurse will emphasize

A) the need to rotate the injection web site of the drug.
B) the need to avoid crushing the capsule.
C) the need to position the capsule beneath the tongue.
D) the need to make use of solely the thigh muscle for the drug injection web site.

Question 14

A diabetic affected individual being dealt with for weight issues tells the nurse that he is having antagonistic outcomes from his drug treatment. The affected individual has been taking dextroamphetamine for 2 weeks as adjunct treatment. Which of the subsequent antagonistic outcomes would need the nurse’s quick consideration?

A) Decreased libido
B) Elevated blood glucose
C) Dry eyes
D) Jittery feeling

Question 15

A affected individual with diabetes has had a cough for 1 week and has been prescribed a cough syrup (an expectorant). What specific instructions should the nurse embrace throughout the affected individual educating for this instance?

A) Wash palms sooner than and after taking the treatment
B) Maintain observe of any gastrointestinal tract infections
C) Monitor glucose ranges rigorously
D) Observe the time the treatment is taken day-after-day

Question 16

A 13-year-old affected individual has juvenile arthritis. He has not too way back had oral surgical process and was instructed by the surgeon to take aspirin for the ache. The nurse will monitor for which of the subsequent?

A) Bronchoconstriction
B) Hepatotoxicity
C) Aplastic anemia
D) Agranulocytosis

Question 17

A nurse has been invited to speak to a help group for people with movement issues and their households. Which of the subsequent statements by the nurse addresses the facility nature of these illnesses and the associated drug therapies?

A) “Drug treatment can embrace quite a lot of treatment to take away the indicators of these illnesses.”
B) “Remedy do not remedy these issues; they in its place enhance top quality of life.”
C) “People of all cultures are dealt with equally and reply in associated strategies to remedy.”
D) “Remedy used to take care of these issues on a regular basis pose a hazard of maximum liver and kidney dysfunction.”

Question 18

A affected individual in need of myocardial infarction prophylaxis has been prescribed sulfinpyrazone for gout. Which of the subsequent will the nurse monitor the affected individual most rigorously for?

A) Hypothermia
B) Hypotension
C) Renal dysfunction
D) Bleeding

Question 19

A nurse is rising a care plan for a affected one who has quite a lot of sclerosis. An anticipated last consequence for the affected one who’s receiving glatiramer might be a decrease in

A) chest ache.
B) fatigue.
C) respiration difficulties.
D) coronary coronary heart palpitations.

Question 20

A 32-year-old female affected individual is taking tizanidine (Zanaflex) for spasticity related to her quite a lot of sclerosis. The nurse will inform the affected individual and her husband that the antagonistic impression that poses one of the best safety hazard to the affected individual is

A) constipation.
B) dry mouth.
C) fatigue.
D) hypotension.

Question 21

A 34-year-old male affected individual is prescribed methimazole (MMI).The nurse will advise him to report which of the subsequent immediately?

A) Vertigo
B) Intolerance to chilly
C) Lack of urge for meals
D) Epigastric distress

Question 22

A 43-year-old woman was recognized with quite a lot of sclerosis 2 years prior to now and has expert a present exacerbation of her indicators, along with muscle spasticity. Consequently, she has been prescribed Dantrolene (Dantrium).In light of this new addition to her drug routine, what educating stage should the woman’s nurse current?

A) “This may most likely relieve your muscle spasms nonetheless you’ll probably develop a certain amount of dependence on the drug over time.”
B) “We’ll should rigorously monitor your blood sugar ranges for the following week.”
C) “There’s a small hazard that you just simply might experience some hallucinations throughout the first few days that you just simply begin taking this drug.”
D) “It’s possible you’ll uncover that this drug exacerbates just a few of your muscle weak spot whereas it relieves your spasticity.”

Question 23

A affected individual with kind 1 diabetes has been admitted to the hospital for orthopedic surgical process and the care workforce anticipates some disruptions to the affected individual’s blood glucose ranges throughout the days following surgical process. Which of the subsequent insulin regimens is greater than prone to attain adequate glycemic administration?

A) Small doses of long-acting insulin administered four to five cases day-after-day
B) Doses of basal insulin twice day-after-day with frequent insulin sooner than each meal
C) Big doses of rapid-acting insulin blended with long-acting insulin each morning and night time
D) Divided doses of intermediate-acting insulin every 2 hours, throughout the clock

Question 24

All through long-term desmopressin treatment in a 48-year-old woman, it’s going to be most crucial for the nurse to judge which of the subsequent?

A) The affected individual’s environment
B) The affected individual’s weight-reduction plan
C) The scenario of the affected individual’s pores and pores and skin
D) The scenario of the affected individual’s nasal passages

Question 25

A 49-year-old woman has been recognized with myalgia. The physician has advisable aspirin. The affected individual is fearful that the aspirin will upset her stomach. The nurse will encourage the affected individual to

A) crush the capsule sooner than swallowing.
B) swallow the capsule full.
C) swallow the capsule with milk or meals.
D) avoid ingesting milk for 3 hours after swallowing the capsule.

Question 26

A nurse will instruct a affected individual taking allopurinol to take each dose

A) at night time time.
B) very very first thing throughout the morning.
C) after a meal.
D) sooner than a meal.

Question 27

The nurse is conducting a medication reconciliation of a model new resident of a long-term care facility. The nurse notes that the resident takes allopurinol every day for the remedy of gout. What’s the principle goal of this drug?

A) To steadiness urate focus and forestall gout assaults
B) To promote the transforming of damaged synovium
C) To potentiate the metabolism of dietary purines
D) To achieve ache support in joints affected by gout

Question 28

A nurse is educating a affected individual about his newly prescribed drug, colchicine, for gout. The nurse will instruct the affected individual to avoid which of the subsequent meals?

A) Inexperienced beans
B) Shrimp
C) Eggs
D) Milk

Question 29

A nurse is instructing a affected one who was not too way back recognized with quite a lot of sclerosis about dantrolene (Dantrium). The affected individual is a 38-year-old-male and the foreman for a growth agency. In an effort to cut back one obligatory antagonistic impression of the drug, the nurse will give the affected individual which of the subsequent instructions?

A) Eat a high-protein weight-reduction plan
B) Decrease the dosage if any antagonistic impression is expert
C) Placed on relevant garments and sunscreen at any time when he is in direct daylight
D) Have an entire blood cell rely executed weekly

Question 30

A 33-year-old man has developed acute gouty arthritis. He has been prescribed colchicine. When rising a care plan for this affected individual, which problem shall be most crucial for the nurse to consider?

A) Dietary habits
B) Work environment
C) Typical day-after-day fluid consumption
D) Ethnicity