Mid-term examination cultural history of modern korea


Please select two of the next three questions. The size of every essay needs to be about 1,500 phrases every. The deadline for the examination is midday, Tuesday, April 27

Add your essays to the turnitin by April 27, midday. Ensure to place your essays in a single file, as you’ll be able to solely add one file. 

In answering the next questions, please attempt to make considered use of all of the related readings, lectures, and discussions within the class. I anticipate you to make your personal arguments and assist them, fairly than merely enumerating information/arguments given by the readings/lectures. 

Whereas I applaud any efforts at creativity, I anticipate your essay to be firmly grounded in particular supplies from this class. Please present abbreviated citations while you quote /cite from the readings (instance: Lee, “Yi Kwang-su,” p. 39; Kim, “Hyol-ui Nu,” Half 1, p. 39). For citations from Cumings’ Korea’s Place, please point out the chapter from which you’re citing or quoting, as web page quantity isn’t given within the pdf file uploaded in CCLE. No coversheet or bibliography is critical. Your essays needs to be double spaced, 12 level kind in a traditional font, with one-inch margins.

On condition that you’ll have three days to work on this examination, I cannot settle for any late submissions, until there’s a medical emergency with correct doc from medical physician/facility. If I detect any plagiarism in your essays, I gives you F for the grade. Please see beneath for a definition of plagiarism.

1) Talk about the idea of “civilization and enlightenment” (Munmyŏng kaehwa) that appeared within the late nineteenth century Korea: its sociopolitical and mental context, its relation to nationalism, and Korean intellectuals’ function in it. Please additionally incorporate in your dialogue Kichung Kim’s “Hyol-ui Nu: Korea’s First ‘New’ Novel” and Ann Lee’s “The Heartless,” if relevant. Ensure to supply your personal essential evaluation of its leaders, their views on modernization, their influence on the society, and so forth. 

2) Based mostly in your studying and the lectures within the class up to now, how would you consider the divergent paths taken by Korean nationalist to attain independence from the Japanese colonial regime. How did they differ? And the way had been these divergent paths associated to the political developments instantly after Korea was liberated from Japan? 

three) Consider the next assertion based mostly in your class readings and lectures. Whether or not you agree or disagree with the assertion, you’ll have to defend your place, based mostly on the readings within the class. Your dialogue ought to take into account the developments within the quick aftermath of 1945, the emergence of two regimes within the Korean peninsula in 1948, and the function of america and the previous Soviet Union in your response. Additionally, please embrace the influence of the Korean battle within the post-war South Korea, based mostly on the brief tales (similar to “The Wet Spell” and “Scarlet Fingernails”) we’ve got mentioned within the class.

“The Korean Conflict was civil and revolutionary in character, like Vietnam Conflict, and it originated with the collapse of Japanese imperialism and the nationwide division in 1945. The battle was fought by political means and with rebellions in 1945-47, by means of unconventional guerrilla battle from 1948 by means of 1950, and by standard navy assaults alongside the parallel from Might 1949 onward to June 25.”


“Plagiarism means submitting work as your personal that’s another person’s. For instance, copying materials from a guide or different supply with out acknowledging that the phrases or concepts are another person’s and never your personal is plagiarism. For those who copy an creator’s phrases precisely, deal with the passage as a direct citation and provide the suitable quotation. For those who use another person’s concepts, even in the event you paraphrase the wording, applicable credit score needs to be given. You’ve dedicated plagiarism if you are going to buy a time period paper or submit a paper as your personal that you just didn’t write.” (Barbara G. Davis, Instruments for Educating, p. 300)