Meeting Needs of Children with Incarcerated Mothers





This study was aimed to seek out out whether or not or not the important needs are met or not by the children of incarcerated mothers in Welikada jail. This chapter facilitates a dialogue on the testing and discovering relevance to the sooner chapter much like the outlined hypothesis. Further, data and figures and outcomes will in all probability be talked about and it will moreover analyse the cross references to the literature reviewed.


As per the World Monetary establishment definition “Early childhood might be essentially the most quick interval of enchancment in a human life. Although specific individual children develop at their very personal tempo, all children progress by an identifiable sequence of bodily, cognitive, and emotional progress and alter. The Early Infant Development (ECD) technique is based on the indisputable fact that youthful children reply most interesting when caregivers use specific strategies designed to encourage and stimulate progress to the following stage of enchancment”.

Many theorists have developed utterly completely different concepts on the child enchancment course of, nonetheless as quickly as analyse all these very fastidiously, evidently the idea is almost equivalent which they’ve tried to point out. These theorists have talked about the occasion of human life in a number of ranges of ages, proper right here it is considered solely the early childhood enchancment as a lot because the age of 5 years.

Based mostly totally on the literature analysis, it was analysed the worldwide protection and traits throughout the care of children born behind bars. A number of the nations undertake the identical course of that when a pregnant girl is imprisoned, she is going to in all probability be transferred to an out of doors hospital to current the child supply. This can in all probability be carried out to verify the acceptable medical care and to steer clear of the place of birth place being as jail throughout the supply certificates. 5. In some nations, merely after the child supply, they’re separated from mother and saved in foster care or handed over to their kinfolk. This will likely negatively be affected to the children’s elementary needs of their early childhood enchancment akin to breastfeeding, mother’s care and mother-child interaction and bond. However, in most states, the breastfeeding is impressed. Many arguments level out that toddler should not be separated from his mother in early stage of a child. In a number of of the low earnings nations, the toddler provide is carried out throughout the jail. This will likely give number of effectively being issues for every mother and toddler.

Although a number of of companies will be discovered throughout the jail environment for the child residing, they are not straight addressed to the children’s psychological, emotional and bodily enchancment needs. In some prisons like in Cambodia and India, the mothers and children aren’t equipped with passable and likewise additional meals for kids, clear water, washing and hygiene companies, and so forth. Further, the children’s entry to play, coaching, social interaction with completely different children and likewise to the floor of the jail environment aren’t appropriately addressed. On account of those causes, the children of incarcerated mothers face many difficulties of their early childhood whereas residing throughout the jail environment. As a result of this truth, these literatures level out that children born behind the bars are coping with many enchancment difficulties of their early childhood.

However, some prisons like in Canada and Austria current properly advance companies for mothers and toddler residing throughout the jail as compared with the other prisons on the planet. Although the passable companies are equipped, the one drawback is the interaction of the children to the floor society is poor. This will likely impact to the children’s emotional, psychological and social enchancment.



This sample survey was primarily centered to the mothers of children born behind the bars in Sri Lankan prisons. Due to the present limitations for conduct this evaluation, this survey was restricted solely to Welikada jail. In the middle of the conduct of survey, it was found that solely there have been 16 children mothered to 15 incarcerated ladies. One girl had two children.

The prevailing protection for care of mothers and children was utterly analysed all through this survey. The pregnant mothers are equipped maternity care from exterior authorities hospitals equivalent as completely different ladies and likewise it helps the children to steer clear of their supply place as jail of their supply certificates. Although the nursery companies aren’t functioned as exterior, it helps the children to develop their educational, language and cognitive enchancment needs. Further, when the child entails the age 5 years, he’ll in all probability be separated from the mother and handover to his kinfolk of saved in foster care. It seems a constructive sign that toddler might get an opportunity to divulge to the floor society.


The sample survey highlights some constructive indicators related to the survival and life sustaining needs for the children of incarcerated mothers in Welikada jail. Though the pure water, meals, air, cloths and warmth are satisfactorily addressed, there could also be some shortage of cloths, variety of meals objects and additional meals. The supply of equivalent types of meals each day will lead the children to refuse the meals. However, these points are minor and likely increased when ponder the respondents’ socio-economic situations in exterior the jail. Further, the children are equipped with breastfeeding and being with mothers all by the imprisonment until the child’s age of 5 years. These parts are positively pushed to the children’s bodily, emotional developments.


The needs for the life embellishing enchancment akin to provision of toys, some fantasy and leisure actions aren’t addressed satisfactorily, nonetheless they get adequate alternate options to play with completely different children throughout the jail premises. However, these actions are restricted to a one specific house contained within the jail wall. This restrictive environment hampered the children’s alternate options to find along with experience a variety of stimuli. Subsequently, these areas do not enhance the developmental alternate options of a child by the play. This will likely negatively impact to the children’s bodily, social and emotional enchancment.


Every the children and mothers are equipped with the separate lodging with out merging with completely different prisoners, nonetheless it is not separated for each mother and toddler, everybody resides collectively in a single hall sharing two bogs amongst them. This impacts to the child and mother’s well-being and hygienic factors and finish in environmental stressors. The bogs and the lodging areas aren’t on a regular basis saved in very clear. Utilizing two bogs every day by 16 children and 15 mothers is a huge state of affairs which children face throughout the jail premises.

Sleeping companies for mother and toddler at Welikada jail is not useful for the occasion youthful children. It is depersonalising and depriving. It makes further worst by the state of affairs that mothers and their children are confined to this house for longer interval. The impacts of those are mirrored throughout the mothers’ emotional state after which to the children.

It seems that evidently though the children and mothers are separated from completely different prisoners, the women prisoners have entry to children’s residing house. This will likely create number of unfavorable outcomes on children corresponding to show to their unhealthy behaviour and languages. It’ll clearly develop to be a threat to the security of the children and notably for his or her bodily enchancment. Further, there is also some psychological influence on children as making a bizarre fear on males because of children are on a regular basis work collectively solely with the women prisoners. Then once more, these children are at a risk of child abuse and sexual harassment by the other prisoners.

The effectively being care companies equipped for the mothers and their children aren’t completely glad. The pregnant mothers ought to go exterior authorities hospitals for clinics and youngster provide, nonetheless it’s often not a often occurring. As quickly because the toddler provide is completed, the provision of care of Midwives for mother and youngster isn’t going to be accessible throughout the jail premises. Further, if any individual turns into ailing in the midst of the night time time, there is no any medical half to deal with that and they need to identify for jail authority for the affiliation to take the affected individual to exterior authorities hospital.

Further, the immunization vaccines are given to the children of varied age lessons, nonetheless the findings realized that they are not getting it at applicable time. In accordance with the findings of children’s low weight, shortness and deficiency of dietary nutritional vitamins are badly affected to the child enchancment. These indicators current that children face many difficulties all through their early childhood enchancment.


The kids get adequate leisure time and their mothers are moreover not partaking any train other than their children. The accessible nursery helps children to strengthen their educational measurer. The kids’s entry to freedom and thought and knowledge may very well be very low. They have been equipped with one television throughout the hall, but it surely certainly isn’t going to suffice to fulfil the requirement of the children. Above data clearly level out that these children have lesser threat to divulge to the floor society. Subsequently, this may end up in the prospect of unfavorable social and academic outcomes and unusual fear to exterior of us as quickly as they discharge from the jail. Further, they’ve alternate options to participate the religious actions contained within the jail, nonetheless no cultural actions occur. All above parts talked about are straight affected to the social, emotional and cognitive enchancment of a child.


On this aspect, children are benefitted as a lot as certain extent by the jail nursery coaching. Though they have been tried to develop on this topic, children are on a regular basis uncovered to prisoners and their environment. Subsequently, it’s moderately troublesome to get rid of them from that particular person society system. Lastly, this may be resulted to the prospect of school failure and fall into conduct some criminals as quickly as they arrive out from the prisons.


Mother-child interaction and bond might be not occurred routinely, nonetheless it’d develop progressively over the time which they reside collectively. Inside the Sri Lankan jail protection, mothers are allowed to take care of their children as a lot because the age of 5 years all through their incarceration. It was proved in the midst of the sampling survey that the attachment present between mothers and children is each anxious or ambivalent. Based mostly totally on the literature analysis and findings from all the surveys, it is concluded that the easiest curiosity for the child is to not incarcerate alongside together with his mother.


It is obvious that a bit one who stays alongside together with his incarcerated mother isn’t going to have alternate options to form an attachment with the rest of his family (notably with father), kinfolk and others throughout the society. On this regard it could be concluded that the child who stays alongside together with his incarcerated mother is prevented and restricted in his social enchancment. However, it could be concluded as a result of the jail environment is not helpful to the bodily, emotional, social and psychological enchancment of a child.