M. Shaara’s The Killer Angels: A Comparative Analysis of Leadership Styles Utilize by Two Generals Essay

In The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara, the sorts of administration of confederate Generals Robert Edward Lee and James Longstreet differ vastly, and it is this that lastly determines the top results of The Battle of Gettysburg. Whereas Lee is further of an offensive regular, on a regular basis making an attempt to strike his enemy first, Longstreet is further cautious and prefers trench warfare. By establishing a strong safety and prepared for the enemy to come back again to him, Longstreet believes that it is the most interesting methodology to battle.

Sadly, when Lee and Longstreet disagree, Lee ends up getting his strategy on account of his bigger standing.

In battle, most navy generals are chilly and unforgiving because of they know that they cannot afford to make any errors. Primary Longstreet, nevertheless, is simply not. He locations his perception proper right into a seemingly untrustworthy spy, named Harrison. Primary Lee, though, is pretty reluctant to care for this mercenary. “lee glanced as soon as extra at Longstreet…He Longstreet moved to the map desk, beneath the awning…Lee acquired right here slowly to the desk, watching the individual.

After a second he talked about to Harrison ‘I understand that you just’re Primary Longstreet’s’—a slight pause—‘scout’… Lee would not use the phrase spy…Lee listened with out expression.”. Though it is apparent that the individual is dependable and educated, Lee stays to be reluctant to perception him. “Do you think about this man…Am I to maneuver on the phrase of a paid spy?.

In some strategies, though, Lee is simply too trusting collectively along with his private males and he doesn’t perceive that there is a time when some individuals are merely to not be trusted anymore. Lee is puzzled and a bit irritated with one amongst his officers named Jeb Stuart that has, after a really very long time, has not given a report of his place or the enemy’s place. “’There should have been one factor from Jeb Stuart…’

‘Stuart would not have left us blind…’

‘Longstreet says this time you need to stomp him, truly stomp him…’

‘Stuart would not go away us blind’”. Lee nonetheless, after it is obvious that Jeb has failed him, locations his perception into Stuart, whereas Longstreet feels that he have to be severely punished for his failure, which he should. Longstreet now ponders why Lee would not use one amongst his totally different officers to do the job appropriately. “Longsteet grimaced. He thought: we have totally different cavalry. Why doesn’t the earlier man ship of a look? Inform you why: he can’t think about Stuart would let him down” (52). Longstreet is conscious of what’s appropriate whereas Lee would not.

The Union forces are positioned strategically on a hill, and Longstreet is conscious of it may be slaughter to go for a head on assault, correct for the center of the Union line, nevertheless Lee thinks will most likely be an superior approach. “Longsteet talked about as soon as extra. ‘Sir, I’ve discovered a strategy south that seems promising. If we would switch— ‘’ Primary the enemy is there—‘’’ Lee lifted his arm and pointed up the ridghe in a big gesture —–and there’s the place I’m going to strike him”. Lee is stubborn and doesn’t take heed to longsteet. Later Lee makes up his ideas: “Genreral we’re going to assault the center”.

Finally, lee’s poor tacktics value the confederates the Battle of Gettysburg. If solely he had thought of the consequenbces of his audacious assault rught up the center of the Union line. The tip results of the battle would have been pretty fully totally different though if lee had taken longstreet’s suggestion and thought by the use of his plan of movement sooner than he actually executed it. Lee clearly didn’t know what he was doing. Always sooner than making a severe desicison one ought to hunt the recommendation of his./ her aides sooner than actually doing one thing.