Licensing and Professional Organizations

Licensing and Expert Organizations
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Based totally on the specialty area and performance that you just chosen (FAMILY NURSE PRACTITIONER), in a Three- to 5-page paper (excluding the title net web page, references, and appendices) create a state of affairs or case study for example the form of group you will depend on to work in as such a nursing expert. Embody inside the state of affairs or case study:

1) Guidelines the form of group.
2) Guidelines the form of and what variety of purchasers it serves.
Three) Set up the expert match for superior nursing operate.
4) Implement your new nursing operate inside the group.
5) Set up a board of nursing in your state (Florida) (notably the Nurse Observe Act), which could assist your operate in such a bunch.

use the course e e-book as a reference. The e e-book is Superior apply nursing: An integrative technique (fifth ed.) 2014 by Hamric, A., Hanson, C., Tracy, M. F., & O’ Grady, E.