Lib 315 week 5 assignment


Ashford 6: – Week 5 – Closing Paper


Alienation and Nature

The Closing Paper is a dialogue of the relationships between the trendy human, religious notion, and nature. The subsequent question must data your paper: 

“Is the trendy human primarily alienated from nature?”

Defend your reply to this question, and recommend a plan of motion in response.  Within the occasion you think about most people instantly are alienated from nature, then

  • analyze the muse rationalization for the alienation, and 
  • defend your private reply for overcoming alienation. 

Nevertheless, in case you think about most people instantly are often not alienated from nature, then

  • defend a hypothesis about why so many people falsely      assume we’re alienated, and 
  • determine how you may persuade them that we aren’t      alienated. 

Uncover that the overarching question of alienation leads to totally different questions. As you think about your response to this rapid, consider using the subsequent inquiries to data your analysis and arguments. You needn’t reply all of them in writing, nevertheless it’ll be inconceivable to place in writing a superb paper whenever you’ve bought not on the very least thought via these factors.

  • What causes human separation from nature? 
  • How ought the human spirit reply to nature and dwell      inside it? 
  • What does it indicate to say that one factor is pure, and      how does the human match into the larger web of pure relationships? 
  • How does spirituality or religion end in additional harmony      or higher fragmentation of the human with nature? 
  • If we’re nonetheless associated with nature, what are the      attributes of these which can be able to exist inside nature whereas moreover      dwelling inside our technology-dependent society? 
  • If we aren’t associated with nature, what are the      attributes of our social, political, familial, and pure relationships      that energy such fragmentation? 
  • What’s essentially the most acceptable ethical relationship the      human ought to have with nature? 
  • What are concrete methods folks can use to reconnect      with nature or enhance their rising relationship with nature? 
  • Are there some cultures that naturally be a part of additional      with nature? If that is the case, what could we research from these cultures if we aren’t      part of them? 

As you write your paper, make clear your thesis in regards to the main matter. Consider how you may defend your house. Present arguments that assist your private place whereas moreover collaborating arguments that others could use to goal to refute your house. Try and objectively put your self throughout the place of any person who disagrees alongside along with your place and deal with the problems of the alternative positions using factual proof and logical reasoning. Take into account that it is not ample to merely state the place. You need to defend each place with proof and argumentation.

The paper must be eight to 10 pages in measurement (excluding title and reference pages), and formatted in response to APA trend as outlined throughout the Ashford Writing Center. Benefit from on the very least eight scholarly sources all by means of your paper to assist your private distinctive argument. These sources ought to come back from the course provides along with the Ashford Faculty Library. Each finding out/alternative/chapter from This Sacred Earth: Religion, Nature, Environment is a separate provide. For information regarding APA samples and tutorials, go to the Ashford Writing Center, located contained in the Finding out Belongings tab on the left navigation menu.

Writing the Closing Paper
The Closing Paper:

  1. Must be eight to 10 pages in measurement, double spaced, and      formatted in response to APA trend as outlined throughout the Ashford Writing      Center. 
  2. Ought to embody a title internet web page with the subsequent: 
    1. Title of paper 
    2. Scholar’s establish 
    3. Course establish and amount 
    4. Instructor’s establish 
    5. Date submitted 
  3. Ought to begin with an introductory paragraph that has a      succinct thesis assertion. 
  4. Ought to deal with the topic of the paper with important      thought. 
  5. Ought to end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis. 
  6. Ought to use on the very least eight scholarly sources, along with a      minimal of six from the Ashford Faculty Library. 
  7. Ought to doc all sources in APA trend, as outlined in      the Ashford Writing Center. 
  8. Ought to embody a separate reference internet web page, formatted      in response to APA trend as outlined throughout the Ashford Writing Center. 

Rigorously analysis the Grading Rubric for the requirements that can be utilized to evaluate your job.