Internet Fraud and Identity Theft, computer science homework help

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Choose 1 of the important thing lessons of identification theft or cyber monetary crime, and describe how (as laws enforcement professionals) you’d work to limit or forestall its progress on the Net. Current solutions. Your briefing have to be in any presentation format, and it needs to be a minimal of 10 slides prolonged. PowerpointInclude the following elements in your briefing:Assume that you simply’re an officer in a small to medium-sized police division.Cyber crime, identification theft, and cyber monetary fraud have been concentrating on the senior citizen group in your metropolis.You can have been requested to design an education plan for the chief to present to the city council that addresses the victimization of seniors and consists of the following:Describe the fraud scheme, along with the climate of the crime, victims, and penalties.Describe the proposed education plan.Take into consideration how the criminals in your express fraud aim seniors.Current an implementation proposal.