Human biology disease/disorder project | Biology homework help


Human Biology Sickness/Dysfunction Enterprise

Goal: To learn how common physique processes and homeostasis can flip into compromised by anomalous situations in organs and organ strategies much like the results of the dysfunction(s) or the sickness course of and the way in which it will probably diminish life expectancy, top quality of life, actions of every day residing, and so forth. 

Topic: Select ONE dysfunction or sickness course of pertaining to any of the 11 organ system throughout the Human Physique. (Please persist with physiological processes instead of psychological points; i.e.; do not select bipolar dysfunction, manic melancholy, schizophrenia, and so forth.) Check out the tip of each chapter in your e guide for ideas.


  1. After you’ve got gotten chosen a      sickness or dysfunction, evaluation the causes and outcomes of the sickness /      dysfunction using as many of the following sources as doable: 
    1. textbooks
    2. medical journals
    3. internet (peer reviewed       Internet pages), 
    4. medical dictionaries
    5. interview a nurse or       physician that treats the dysfunction/sickness
    6. interview a affected person who       reveals the dysfunction or sickness (*ought to have subject’s permission to       embrace their data in your endeavor and a signed consent sort), and       
    7. another credible       sources
  2. Produce a endeavor to      present the information in one among many following codecs:
    1. PowerPoint or Prezi Presentation with Recorded Voice Over
    2. Brochure using Microsoft       Phrase
    3. Web page (Google Sites)
    4. Infographics (Piktochart or Canva)
    5. A evaluation paper
    6. Completely different endeavor of your       deciding on (Please email correspondence me your thought)

Information to Embody in Your Enterprise

Cope with the subsequent questions in your endeavor. Be as detailed as doable.

§ Introduce the title of the sickness/dysfunction or strategy of imbalance. Does it have any frequent names together with its scientific title? (For example: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS is usually usually referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Sickness”….and Trisomy 21 is usually often called “Downs Syndrome”

§ Is the dysfunction/sickness genetically linked? Which chromosome(s) carry the gene(s) for this?

§ What organ or organ system does the dysfunction/sickness primarily affect in individuals? How might it affect the whole physique whether or not it’s progressive?

§ What are the chief indicators of this dysfunction/sickness? (What are they key indicators a physician appears to be for in diagnosing a affected particular person with it?)

§ How do these indicators/indicators affect the affected particular person by the use of conducting actions of every day residing? (Does it affect the ability to walk, communicate, eat, bathe, brush enamel, work, and so forth.)

§ What are some therapeutic measures to counter the problems or a minimum of scale back the severity of the problems with this sickness/dysfunction? (medicines, rehabilitative therapies, surgical procedures, and so forth.)

§ What is the incidence of prevalence for this sickness/dysfunction? What is the prognosis or outlook for a affected one that has it?