Hca200 unit 2 exam | Nursing homework help


1. Understanding the musculoskeletal system and using a holistic method describes _________ drugs.

a. various

b. allopathic

c. osteopathic

d. homeopathic

2. To apply drugs, in most states, a doctor should full the entire following besides:

a. full paid on-the-job coaching.

b. graduate from a proper instructional program.

c. go a licensing examination.

d. function a well being aide.

three. In line with the textual content, the entire following are points for the medical career besides:

a. high quality of care.

b. entry to care.

c. managed care.

d. oversupply of physicians.

four. In line with the 2007 doctor traits knowledge, roughly _________.

a. 91% are males and eight% are ladies.

b. 49% are males and 50% are ladies.

c. 71% are males and 29% are ladies.

d. 55% are males and 44% are ladies.

5. Gastroenterologists specialize within the analysis and remedy of _________.

a. ailments and problems of the abdomen and gut

b. ailments and problems of the thoughts

c. acute sickness or harm

d. adjustments in organs, tissues, and cells

6. Psychiatrists specialize within the analysis and remedy of _________.

a. ailments and problems of the abdomen and gut

b. ailments and problems of the thoughts

c. adjustments in organs, tissues, and cells

d. acute sickness or harm

7. Earlier than a surgeon can start open coronary heart surgical procedure, which doctor specialist should guarantee that the

affected person doesn’t really feel something?

a. Anesthesiologist

b. Cardiovascular doctor

c. Radiologist

d. Orthopedist

eight. Which nursing skilled performs many duties just like a doctor?

a. RN

b. CNA

c. LPN

d. NP

9. RNs can have any of the next as minimal training to be able to apply besides:

a. certificates.

b. affiliate’s diploma.

c. bachelor of science.

d. hospital diploma program.

10. The typical wage of an RN is _________.

a. $40,000

b. $50,000

c. $60,000

d. $70,000

11. Nurse Observe Acts _________.

a. comprise the states’ necessities for apply

b. specify what instructional, scientific, and licensure necessities are essential to apply in a state

c. are the identical in all 50 states

d. are waived in long-term care

12. Medical college tuition and costs have elevated by ________% in public faculties since 1984.

a. 50

b. 100

c. 133

d. 66

13. Well being administration is worried about the entire following besides:

a. affected person care.

b. profitability.

c. the native EMS system.

d. advertising.

14. A CT _________.

a. makes use of radiation to provide photographs

b. takes a cross-sectional view of a affected person’s physique

c. resulted within the passage of the Shopper-Affected person Well being and Security Act

d. makes use of radio waves to provide photographs

15. Assessments utilizing sound waves could also be carried out by _________.

a. EKG technicians

b. vascular technologists

c. cardiology technologists

d. nuclear drugs technologists

16. Medical technicians normally have a(n) _________.

a. affiliate’s diploma

b. 1-year certi? cate

c. grasp’s diploma

d. bachelor’s diploma

17. Coders would least possible be present in _________.

a. non-public billing practices

b. authorities businesses

c. medical clinics

d. occupational remedy

18. Actions of each day residing remedy is within the area of the _________.

a. pharmacist

b. occupational therapist

c. bodily therapist

d. speech-language pathologist

19. Which pharmacy skilled usually counts tablets and labels bottles?

a. Pharmacy technician

b. Pharmacy aide

c. Pharmacist

d. Pharmacy technologist

20. Which of the next occupations doesn’t require a bachelor’s diploma?

a. Respiratory therapist

b. Occupational therapist

c. Optometrist

d. Leisure therapist

21. The apply of a chiropractor is concentrated on _________.

a. the backbone

b. the foot

c. the eyes

d. the tooth

22. All the following are true of optometrists besides:

a. they supply main care.

b. they prescribe corrective lenses.

c. they carry out eye surgical procedure.

d. they handle macular degeneration.

23. Ultrasonography makes use of sound waves to generate a picture to evaluate and diagnose medical situations. The professionals who performs such assessments are referred to as __________.

a. imaging technologists

b. nuclear technologists

c. medical sonographers

d. phlebotomists

24. All the following could also be areas of apply for the skilled in info know-how besides:

a. coding of providers.

b. threat administration.

c. knowledge evaluation.

d. web site administration.

25. Medical transcriptionists might be present in the entire following settings besides:

a. hospitals.

b. physicians’ places of work.

c. dwelling companies.

d. cardiovascular labs.