Fin – derby corporation problem

Chosen knowledge for the Derby Company are proven under. Use the info to reply the next questions.       INPUTS (In tens of millions) 12 months  PresentProjected  Zero12threeFourFree money movement  -$20.Zero$20.Zero$80.Zero$84.ZeroMarketable Securities $40    Notes payable $100    Lengthy-term bonds $300    Most well-liked inventory $50    WACC  9.00%    Variety of shares of inventory40           a.  Calculate the estimated horizon worth (i.e., the worth of operations on the finish of the forecast interval instantly after the 12 months-Four free money movement).         PresentProjected  Zero12threeFourFree money movement  -$20.Zero$20.Zero$80.Zero$84.ZeroLengthy-term fixed development in FCF     Horizon worth             b.  Calculate the current worth of the horizon worth, the current worth of the free money flows, and the estimated 12 months-Zero worth of operations.       PV of horizon worth      PV of FCF      Worth of operations (PV of FCF + HV)            c.  Calculate the estimated 12 months-Zero worth per share of widespread fairness.       Worth of operations      Plus worth of narketable securities     Whole worth of firm     Much less worth of debt      Much less worth of most well-liked inventory     Estimated worth of widespread fairness     Divided by variety of shares     Value per share