Film studies, pick a question and answer. movie pi

PI, Darren Aronofsky  (1998)


Choose one subject from beneath

2-Three pgs

Due: Might, 17, 8am

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1. A central theme within the movie means that to look upon the ‘face of God’ can solely be carried out by verbalizing a string of numbers. But by manifesting these numbers brings about self destruction. Talk about how this ‘paradox’ is represented within the movie.


2. Sol (Max’s pal/mentor) says ‘it’s a must to take a shower’. Talk about the theme of obsession within the movie, relative to this remark..


Three. There are numerous parts on this movie that make it ‘stylized’ This consists of selections in Mise en Scene, that give it a ‘look.’ Talk about the visible parts in cinematography, lighting and set design, and relate them to themes within the movie.


four. All through the movie there are examples of ‘discontinuous’ enhancing, such because the locks on the door. Talk about the that means that’s being conveyed with these enhancing constructions. How does the enhancing ‘lend’ itself to a literal narrative interpretation? How does it counsel a proper, figurative interpretation?


5. At two particular moments within the movie, an ant is seen in shut up. In a single, Max smashes the ant, within the different, he hesitates and lets it dwell. Talk about the that means of the ant, in distinction to arithmetic