efficient use of mathematics in economics:some theory , facts and results of an opinion survey

Financial fashions: Idea and follow
Textual content guide: chiangmai and wainwright , elementary strategies of mathematical economics, 4th version
Supplies in chapter1-the nature of mathematical economics ,,.ch 2:financial fashions Part2 static(or equilibrium)Evaluation chapter .
Additionally chapter three: equilibrium evaluation in economics

Pages: APA 6 kinds, 15 references, not previous than 10 years,web page quantity , and in addition the references
Needs to be : freed from plagiarism , and grammatically right ! Should . Should , should 100 % free plagrisim. Should
Lastly article. 1-on the environment friendly use of arithmetic in economics:some idea , details and outcomes of an opinion survey (Herbert G.Grubel,Lawrence A. Borland Kyklos Quantity 39, situation three pages 419-442. August 1986

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