Concepts Of Reinforcement Assignment

On this mission, you can be part of the concepts of reinforcement to an precise occasion of a mom and her kids, which helps you to see how a extraordinarily environment friendly reinforcer (the token monetary system) can nonetheless fail when not individualized.

Take into consideration the subsequent state of affairs:

A mother is attempting to increase the number of peas that her two kids eat. She makes use of a sticker chart to watch the number of peas they’re consuming and rewards them based on the number of stickers they’ve earned on the end of the week. The mother has found that this works for one teen, nevertheless not the other.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper discussing the subsequent:

  • Decide the habits the mother is attempting to bolster.
  • Decide the attainable capabilities of the behaviors.
  • Decide the tactic of reinforcement getting used.
  • Make clear attainable causes for this method working for one teen nevertheless not the other.
  • Counsel and outline three ideas which can work to increase pea consumption for the kids, and embody one approach that makes use of hostile reinforcement. Get Psychology homework help within the current day