Case study follow the rubric below

 Nationwide Teaching, a company specializing in rising and  delivering specialised teaching purposes, has been requested to create a  module referring to age discrimination to be used in various states and in  many different organizations. The company has employed you to help develop  this program and to guarantee that the info supplied in it is  appropriate and factual. The company has given you a list of case analysis  to be used for the teaching.  decide conditions of age discrimination. Set up the sort of age  discrimination–housing, employment, education, and so on–and the  factors at hand. 


Case Analysis 1

The  Fireplace Division #three  of  Baton Rouge, Louisiana consists of 90 full-time firemen and girls varied in ages, from 21 to 59. The tenure of the firemen moreover varies with some being newly employed and others with 10 or further years of service to the Fireplace Division. The city merely instituted a pay-for-performance plan which states that firemen who’ve increased effectivity will receive elevated compensation after biyearly effectivity worth determinations. A fireman or girl’s job requires strong bodily potential in most situations and the effectivity appraisal incorporates analysis of bodily potential to hold out the job. 

 Write a 200-word sample letter of  grievance for the case the people involved may write to cope with  discrimination. Throughout the grievance letters, embody which sort of  discrimination is addressed, the associated factors from the case, and  related authorized tips supposed to protect the individual inside the Case in opposition to  such abuses.