Business Transactions Assignment

12. Journalize the following enterprise transactions: 12/1/06 The XYZ Agency was included with an preliminary Infusion of $100,000 cash and the issuance of 200,000 shares of frequent stock, face value $zero.50. 12/10/06 The Agency supplied an additional 400,000 shares of frequent stock for $800,000. three/31/07 The Agency decided to significantly broaden its operations.

A small group of consumers provided the company with $10,000,000. The company issued 1,000,000 shares of cumulative Most popular stock. 5/31/07 The Agency launched it’d pay stockholders of doc (frequent and hottest stockholders) on 6/30/07 a dividend of $1 per share on 7/15/07 7/15/07 The Agency despatched dividend checks to its stockholders. 9/30/07 The Agency launched a 2 for 1 stock break up for holders of frequent stock on 10/15/07. The stock break up will occur on 10/31/07. 12/31/07 The Agency purchased 100,000 shares of its frequent stock for $100,000. .