Bsop 209 operationals analysis all quizzes week 2,4,6 devry

BSOP 209 Week 2,4,6 Quizzes



Week 2 Quiz:

  1. (TCO 1) For a transferring widespread forecast to be of any use to us, what assumption should be true?
  2. (TCOs three and 4) In a regression equation, what’s y hat?
  3. (TCOs 1 and a few) Given the subsequent information, calculate the two-year transferring averages for years 5                    via 10.
  4. (TCOs three, 4 and 5) Whereas conducting an accounting audit of their accomplished objects inventory, Farmer’s Market clerks had been able to assemble the subsequent information definitely certainly one of their nonseasonal baskets. (a) Use sample projection to estimate the connection between time and product sales (state the equation). (b) Calculate forecasts for the first four months of the following yr.


Week 4 Quiz

  1. (TCO 6) What’s the 1st step in fixing a break-even analysis using a graphic technique?
  2. (TCO 7) Define NPV.
  3. (TCO 9) What limits utilizing a graphical reply to LP?
  4. (TCO eight) What are the three components of a wait-line system?
  5. (TCO eight) In reference to queuing, what’s a restricted or finite inhabitants?
  6. (TCO eight) What does FIFO indicate?
  7. (TCO eight) Describe or define a opposed exponential-probability distribution.
  8. (TCO eight) Which waiting-line model has a dependent relationship between the scale of the queue and the arrival charge?
  9. (TCOs 6 and 7) XYZ plating goes ahead on an progress enterprise. They might be able to earn $300 per hour and run three,000 hours per yr. What is the web present value for the following 5 years with an fee of curiosity of 6%?


Week 6 Quiz

  1. (TCO 14) Briefly speak in regards to the selection methods used when there could also be full uncertainty as to which state in a name setting may occur. (Components : 10)
  2. (TCOs 10,11 and 12) Chad’s Pottery Barn has adequate clay to make 24 small vases or 6 large vases.  He has solely adequate of a selected glazing compound to glaze 16 of the small vases or eight of the large vases.  Let X1 = the number of small vases and X2 = the number of large vases.
  3. The smaller vases promote for $three each, and the larger vases would carry $9 each.
  4. (TCO 13, 14) XYZ coating agency has reviewed four new processes for bettering their coating line. The four processes, labeled A, B, C, and D use completely totally different experience and have completely totally different capacities. All the processes have the an identical stage of producing and the lifetime.