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Family in Later Life Plan of Movement


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As a human service and public service chief, you in the mean time are ready for the ultimate step throughout the multidisciplinary methodology: Develop a plan of movement primarily based in your options.

Using options you constructed from the interviews you carried out, what you found from the Riverbend Metropolis family and course provides, and your non-public experiences, determine an issue or concern explicit to households in later life that you just want to take care of through a plan of movement. Instead of reporting what’s unsuitable or the concerns you’ll have, create a plan of movement as a response. Present your plan of movement inside the kind of a PowerPoint presentation, prepared as within the occasion you had been addressing households in later life or a neighborhood group.

Embody the subsequent in your family members in later life plan of movement presentation:

  • Articulate the goals of the family in later life plan of movement to copy doable modifications addressed throughout the options you created in your Unit 7 process.
  • Describe how the family in later life plan of movement will doubtless be utilized. Embody explicit particulars, time frame, and the folks and sources required to implement your plan.
  • Deal with how others may be impacted due to implementing your plan of movement.
  • Predict how the long term may be utterly completely different if the family in later life plan of movement succeeds (for example, important debates, legislative, financial, cultural, and ethical factors which can come up).

Your presentation must be roughly 20–25 slides, along with a title slide and a slide itemizing your references. Help your process with explicit references in APA format to all sources utilized in its preparation. Your slides ought to look at conventions for expert communication, using bullet elements for headlines. Use the notes a part of each slide for particulars that will likely be delivered verbally within the occasion you had been to really give the presentation.