Arts – 1500 words | Literature homework help

1) Watch Viewing Undertaking sooner than you do each week’s Learning Undertaking. The flicks will allow you to to know the subject the creator is writing about.
2) Pay attention to the clips the place you is perhaps solely anticipated to take a look at an excerpt in daring.

15 SEP/Week 02 Viewing venture

Paintings in an Age of Mass Custom, 1991. Dir. Michael Blackwood. 31minutes:
Some Fluxus, 1991, Dir. Larry Miller. 59minutes. Watch minutes 17:16 to

22 SEP/Week 03 Viewing venture

This Will Have Been: Paintings, Love & Politics throughout the 1980s, Museum of Updated Paintings Chicago, 2012. 15:35minutes:
Tania Bruguera, Tatlin’s Whisper #5, 2007, Tateshots, 2008. 4mins:
Matthew Collins, The Pointers of Abstraction, BBC 4, 2014. Watch the first

29 SEP/Week 04 Viewing venture

Otto Jungarrayi Sims, Australian Museum, 2015. Three:21minutes: 
Magiciens de la Terre, arrange documentation, 1989. 7:50minutes:
Jean-Hubert Martin discusses exoticism in fashionable paintings, 2013. 10:12minutes:
Dinh Q. Lê profile MoMA Behind the Scenes: Duties 93, 2010. 5:09minutes:

06 OCT/Week 05 Viewing venture

Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, Three Minute Shock, Channel4/Tate Liverpool, dir. Mike Figgis, 2009. Three:04minutes:
Sherrie Levine, profile, Frieze Paintings Sincere, 2014. Watch first
Maurizio Cattelan, Paintings Safari episode, dir. Ben Lewis, 2009. 30minutes. Bladen Course Reserves: VD 426-427

20 OCT/Week 06 Viewing venture

On Kawara, profile of Silence, Guggenheim Museum, 2015. 7:23minutes:
Mel Bochner, profile, Fundacao Serralves, 2013. Three:06minutes:
Bernd and Hilla Becher, profile, The Paintings Newspaper, 2014. 4:49minutes:
Sophie Calle, Paintings Safari episode, dir. Ben Lewis, 2009. 30minutes. Bladen Course Reserves: VD 426-427

27 OCT/Week 07 Viewing venture

Robert Morris, Untitled (L-Beams), 1965, Whitney Focus, 2011. 2:34minutes:
Donald Judd’s Chianti Foundation, Houston Public Media, 2014. 5:42minutes:
Louise Bourgeois, Tateshots, 2007. 4:41minutes:
Cornelia Parker, What Do Artists Do All Day?, BBC, 2013. Half 1. 15minutes:

03 NOV/Week 08 Viewing venture

Ana Mendieta, Chosen Film Works1972-81Watch minutes 4:00 to
Yoko Ono, Scale back Piece, 1964. 9:18minutes:
Chris Burden, Shoot, 1971. Watch minutes 7:23 to
Marina Abramovic, The Totally different: Rest Energy, 1980. 1:30minutes: 
Marina Abramovic describing The Totally different: Rest Energy, 1980, MoMA audio. 1:05minutes:
Coco Fusco, Hemispheric Institute of Effectivity & Politics, 2007. Watch first 10minutes:
11 Rooms, Manchester Worldwide Pageant, The Guardian, 2011. 9:19minutes:

10 NOV/Week 09 Viewing venture

Bruce Nauman, Sluggish Angle Stroll (Beckett Stroll), 1968. Watch first
Lisa Steele, Birthday Go nicely with with scars and defects, 1974. 13:26minutes:
Fundamental Idea, Shut the Fuck Up, 1985. 14minutes:
Pipilotti Rist, discusses video Ever is Over All, 1997, Louisiana Museum, 2011. eight:43minutes:
Matthew Barney, Paintings Safari episode, dir. Ben Lewis, 2009. 30minutes. Bladen Course Reserves: VD 426-427

17 NOV/Week 10 Viewing venture

Barbara Kruger, Whose Values?, Getty Museum, 2014. 4:30minutes:
Institute for Utilized Autonomy, Bridging the Gap, 2004. 7:46minutes:
Judi Werthein’s, Brinco at Tate Modern, 2007. Three:21minutes:
Judi Werthein, Brinco safety on CBS Data, 2006. 1:53minutes: pictures/shoes-built-for-jumping-border/
Relational Aesthetics, Paintings Safari episode, dir. Ben Lewis, 2009. 30minutes. Bladen Course Reserves: VD 426-427

24 NOV/Week 11 Viewing venture

Eduardo Kac, GFP Bunny, Paintings|Sci Coronary heart, 2010. 4:03minutes: 
Eduardo Kac, interview, Al Jazeera, 2008. Half 1, Watch first 
Eduardo Kac, interview, Al Jazeera, 2008. Half 2, 10:26minutes:
Patricia Piccinini, profile, Kaunas Biennial, 2014. Watch first
Wafaa Bilal, 3rdi, profile, Paintings Motion, 2010-2011. 7:38minutes:

01 DEC/Week 12 Viewing venture

Takeshi Murakami, Paintings Safari episode, dir. Ben Lewis, 2009. 30minutes. Bladen Course Reserves: VD 426-427
Santiago Sierra, Paintings Safari episode, dir. Ben Lewis, 2009. 30minutes. Bladen Course Reserves: VD 426-427
Cao Fei, Whose Utopia?, 2006. 20minutes:
Superflex, Flooded MacDonald’s, 2009. Three:08minutes:




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