A company manufactures two products x and y. each product has to be

A corporation manufactures two merchandise X and Y. Each product should be processed in three departments: welding, assembly and painting. Each unit of X spends 2 hours throughout the welding division, three hours in assembly and 1 hour in painting. The corresponding events for a unit of Y are three, 2 and 1 hours respectively. The employee hours obtainable in a month are 1,500 for the welding division, 1,500 in assembly and 550 in painting. The contribution to earnings are $100 for product X and $120 for product Y. 

1. Which one is no doubt one of many selection variables for this draw back? 

a. X: Hours spent for product X 

b. X: Quantity to be produced for product X 

c. X: Income (contribution) margin for product X 

d. None 

2. Full earnings are maximized when the goal carry out (as a straight line on a graph) is: 

a. Nearest to the origin irrespective of the ‘potential space’ 

b. Nearest to the origin and tangent to the ‘potential space’ 

c. Furthest from the origin and tangent to the ‘potential space’ 

d. Furthest from the origin irrespective of the ‘potential space’ 

three. What is the equation of the labor constraint line for the welding division on this linear model?

a. 2X + 3Y = 1,500 hours 

b. 3X + 2Y = 550 hours 

c. 2X + 3Y = 550 hours 

d. 3X + 2Y = 1,500 hours 

4. What is the reply to this linear programming draw back by means of the respective parts of X and Y to be produced if earnings are to be maximized? 

a. X = zero, Y = 500 

b. X = 150, Y = 400 

c. X = 400, Y = 150 

d. X = 550, Y = zero 

e. None 

5. Which helpful useful resource (constraint) simply is not bounding the potential space? 

a. Welding 

b. Assembly 

c. Paint 

d. All Bounding 


6. Welding, Assembly, and Paint availability hours are extended by 10% (added overtime) and draw back is solved as soon as extra. Following show display screen shot displays the MS Excel solver reply after this transformation. What is the value of Purpose (Z)? 

a. 65,000 

b. 66,300 

c. 67,600 

d. 68,900 

e. 69,300 

7. Utilizing the preliminary given data if administration needs to increase the income further what would you advocate? 

a. Enhance obtainable hours for Welding 

b. Enhance obtainable hours for Paint 

c. Reduce hours needed to weld for X and/or Y 

d. All above could also be proposed 

e. None of these could also be proposed